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„Ananke” (ang.)

The stars have passed a judgement on me:
– Endless is error and misery.
– You who build towers that reach past the skies
– shall wander like beast, awaiting demise.
– All land shall crumble from under your feet
– till you shall perish of cold by the heat

To them the royal spirit replied:
stars locked in motion of self-rule denied!
Error is nothing but my freedom’s toll
unventured land fills the depths of my soul.
Mournful is rustle of burial trees
Yet song of my life flows on the breeze.
I who build cities that reach past the skies
watch the stars fading with jealous cries.

(tłumaczenie własne)

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Wiersz „Ananke” (ang.) - Tadeusz Miciński