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The Ideal Found Wanting

The Ideal Found Wanting I’m sick of clownery and Owlglass tricks; Damn the whole crowd of you! I hate you […]

Storm At Night

Storm At NightOh, how aquarium-still, how brooding-warm This paradise! How peacefully in the womb Of war itself, and at the […]

The Life Theoretic

The Life TheoreticWhile I have been fumbling over books And thinking about God and the Devil and all, Other young […]

Formal Verses

Formal Verses I Mother of all my future memories, Mistress of my new life, which but to-day Began, when I […]

Crapulous Impression

Crapulous Impression(To J. S.) Still life, still life…the high-lights shine Hard and sharp on the bottles: the wine Stands firmly […]

By The Fire

By The FireWe who are lovers sit by the fire, Cradled warm ‚twixt thought and will, Sit and drowse like […]


DarknessMy close-walled soul has never known That innermost darkness, dazzling sight, Like the blind point, whence the visions spring In […]

Misplaced Love

Misplaced LoveRed wine that slowly leaned and brimmed the shell Of pearl, where lips had touched, as light and swift […]


ValedictoryI had remarked – how sharply one observes When life is disappearing round the curves Of yet another corner, out […]

The Canal

The CanalNo dip and dart of swallows wakes the black Slumber of the canal: – a mirror dead For lack […]


SympathyThe irony of being two…! Grey eyes, wide open suddenly, Regard me and enquire; I see a face Grave and […]


SeasonsBlood of the world, time stanchless flows; The wound is mortal and is mine. I act, but not to my […]


EscapeI seek the quietude of stones Or of great oxen, dewlap-deep In meadows of lush grass, where sleep Drifts, tufted, […]

Carpe Noctem

Carpe NoctemThere is no future, there is no more past, No roots nor fruits, but momentary flowers. Lie still, only […]

Complaint Of A Poet Manqué

Complaint Of A Poet ManquéWe judge by appearance merely: If I can’t think strangely, I can at least look queerly. […]

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