Polska poezja

Wiersze po polsku

Wiersz Storm At Night

Storm At NightOh, how aquarium-still, how brooding-warm
This paradise! How peacefully in the womb
Of war itself, and at the heart of storm
How safely – safely a captive, in a tomb –
I lie and, listening to the wild assault,
The pause and once-more fury of the gale,
Feel through the crack of my sepulchral vault
The fine-drawn probe of air, and watch the pale
Unearthly lightenings leap across the sky
Like sudden sperm and die and leap again.
The thunder calls and every spasm of fire
Beckons, a signal, to that old desire
In calm for tempest and at ease for pain.
Dreaming of strength and courage, here I lie.

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Wiersz Storm At Night - Aldous Huxley