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Wiersze po polsku


BAME: Thou hast my meaning. When I spoke of this, She gave me such a smile as I dare vow Thou never hadst, and promised me to come; Begged me to bring her to see Benet here, That same ‚old hostess that was kind to her.’ I go to meet her at the waterside, Since this is all of London she would see!– ‚T is Marlowe–Marlowe–and thou knowest well The maid is pining for him. Ay, by heaven, Waiting to catch a grain of news, as pigeons Flutter and flock to peck a lentil up. She treasures every word that folk let fall About these players,–covering her ears To words that mar as true word only can; Denying all with shudders; and sometimes,– The music that he taught her– The man made merry for an hour with charming her, A hunter, weary of his fowling-piece Until to-morrow! But the charm has worked. She dare not breathe till he shall come and say Breathe so, or so. She lives not in to-day. I tell you more. He shall not have the girl Though I’m on my way to bring her to the Gardens Yonder, ‚to see the shows.’

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Wiersz Marlowe - Peabody Josephine Preston