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Prenatal Familiarities

Prenatal Familiarities

Devotion is focusing on the sound in every action.
Life is rythm, and its fluidity is dependant on the tempo.
In harmonies we find unity in diversity.
In harmonies we find prenatal familiatries.
Our true voice is our true color, character.
The consensus is a misquided body of census information.
Though the tides seem to be slowly turning
In organizing true resistance to globalistic economic totalitarianism.
It might be too lat eto save man’s night.
Remember the child of innocence resides in the cool gardens.
Though the heart can be used to create the stimulus.
Our physical senses only report a portion
Of the actual motion in our universe.
The rest require extrasensory skills attained
Through the veils of the sacred silence.

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Wiersz Prenatal Familiarities - Serj Tankian