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” The blinded eye spoke, Of the headless toads Being used for growing organs, For transplants. For it is far […]


Jeśli dzisiaj umrę i nie będę mógł zaprzeczyć Że życie, którym żyłem Żeby coś teraz powiedzieć Wolę być stosownym, sobą, […]

The Count

The count of words Bear no matter When the words don’t count. Weight is measured in action, Sustenance included in […]


You will live death, in your life, If all you do with your life, is avoid death. My goal is […]


What’s my problem, Here’s my problem, My problem is that I’m Too visual to be blind, Too audiological to be […]


The mattering of all matter, Masters and their extended batters, Internet intelligence for investments Of financial resources, Ultimately divesting away […]


Where were you on the day When Mercury went into retrograde? Did someone mess up your credit? Did your recorders, […]


” The golden awnings feeding vultures of salvation, For the murderor, an unmatched delight, A sanitized removal of the dreadful […]

The void

Proletariat customs within the royal courtyard. Basket-woven skies, Man’s unbetraying lies, Her voluptuous thighs, And the reason for modern businessamn’s […]

Days Inn

Days Inn, days out, Success at the art of not competing, But just being here! The smoke of flowers Disinfect […]


I have resolved to salivate On your favorite salad dressing, Or your dear held principles, Who run ahead of their […]

Partial Moons

Wordy mornings and musical afternoons. Worldly yearnings and celestical partial moons. An illustrated journey from your bed With a spoon […]


„Life ties you to addiction, Through its many Epicurean, immortal extravagances, Pulling you ever so inward, Along the belts leading […]


Rain, kissing concrete, The crying walls Of sad buildings, Blankets protect warmth, As well as the souls of the flying […]


A flowers’s mother A soldier’s father The farmer’s wife The strat and end of life, The sword can’t cut it, […]

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