Polska poezja

Wiersze po polsku

Partial Moons

Wordy mornings and musical afternoons.
Worldly yearnings and celestical partial moons.
An illustrated journey from your bed
With a spoon of experiences
Tenderized sensitivities arise
After the translation of thought
From naked white pages
To the giant phallic screen,
Bleeding into your red dismal sheets.
An actress who packed her dress
For her paid personality,
And a stage to caress.
A visualist who envisions her experiences
Before high noon on her drapes,
A passionate poison dealer,
A healer of menstrual restraints,
A lava eating Polynesian dancer,
With her summer dress,
All posing nude for the cover of our desires.
Two hours of joy within isolation,
A losing of the self,
A riding of a day,
Pronunciating away.
Dirty truths, and the remote viewers of unjust wars,
Fighting Walden and a score of more naturalists.

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Wiersz Partial Moons - Serj Tankian