Polska poezja

Wiersze po polsku

Brain Waves

By choosing the lesser of two evils,
You are saying that you are the lesser of two evils.
If we can penetrate your dreams and love you
Our world would change.
Brain waves that harbor harmony,
That destroy the ego,
That after eyesight to embellish in our visions
Of beings of light,
Connected energy fields entangling
The parental space between us,
Uniting us in its organic molecules.
The creation of evolutionary natural genetic strings
That punish those that kill by death,
Automatically, known.
Only those ready to die can kill, then why?
A society of tribes, with no use for bribes
And modern material attachments.
A leadership avaiable in all places and times
One that also does not exist at times to view all.
The finality of equilibrum,
Forced by nature onto man
By the unavoidable universal phenomena.
The re-adaptation of perpetual motion towards love.

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Wiersz Brain Waves - Serj Tankian